The Proprietary Blend Wax Liquidizer Product Review

The first time I came across the idea of turning wax into liquid was when I saw it featured in an instructional video for a wood-working class. The person who featured that video is my very own grandfather and he explained that you can’t simply scrape the wax out with a spoon and then push it through a funnel into a liquidizer to make it into a powdered substance.

Making the Vape Juice That Suits You

Instead, you have to mix it with a liquid or oil and then push that mixture through the funnel slowly at low speeds. After the mixture has passed through all of the ways you need to mix it the way you want it to be, you simply pour that into the wax liquidizer kit with your mold. Then do the same thing with your oil and repeat the whole process until you get your Vape Juice.

While watching that video, I laughed to myself because it really makes no sense. Why would you want to shatter only a tiny amount of wax? After I watched that video, I began to think about it. If the amount of butter you put in the Vape Juice isn’t enough to make it strong enough to consume, why are you even bothering to try to make it into something that can be smoked? When I tried to go back to where I got that marijuana extract from, I remembered what my grandfather said about using too much of a product. I guess if you’re going to get high off of pot, you might as well do it with a little bit of something else.

No to Marijuana Extract

This product does not contain any marijuana extracts. It’s also not technically a vaporizer. What it is, instead, is a pen that you use to apply the concentrated wax vapor into your lungs instead of your fingers or a bowl of warm water. I did some research on the makers of this product, and they don’t recommend using it any other way except pressing it into your lips as you would a cigarette. That’s about the only similarity between this pen and the vaporizer.

The makers recommend that you hold the wax pen to the tip of your nose and inhale through your mouth. They say that since the heat from the heat source is concentrated, it’s much safer than actually heating up the room. I found that the sensation of heat was somewhat similar to when I blow-torched a lighter.

The only time I can really think of that would be dangerous to heat with anything other than your finger is if you’re trying to heat an oil burner. If you can’t avoid doing that, this device isn’t for you. The reason it isn’t dangerous is because the concentrate in the vaporizer will quickly dissipate, and you won’t inhale any fumes. When you use this pen, the concentrate on the wax stays constant, and that’s what gives it the sensation of discretely heating up your nostrils. It heats up fast and then cools down very quickly. The only time it produces any odor is when you use it to inhale the warm air after the fact.

The makers of the e cigs claim that this product will actually work best if you are vaping concentrates. If you’re only smoking a dab of cannabis, then the concentrated liquid will evaporate too quickly and you won’t get a good flavor. If you are an avid user of cannabis, then this product could be exactly what you’ve been looking for to help you quit. The main benefit of this product is that it allows you to smoke cannabis without the fuss and mess that you used to need to do when using a bud.

There are tons of different kinds of this product to choose from, and each one will allow you to turn wax into many different flavors. Some people love chocolate, and now you can get wax in the form of chocolate! Other people love strawberry flavors, so now you can get fruity wax vaporizers. Some people like vanilla flavors, so now you can get these as well! With all these different kinds available, it’s pretty easy to find a perfect one that you’ll love.

As with any other product out there, this is a really big business. People who like to dab a bit of this stuff now have a convenient way to do it, and you can even use it to help yourself lose weight. Just put the proprietary blend into your vaporizer and inhale. It’s great for helping you relax and take a little bit of stress away. This product should definitely be considered, especially if you’re an avid user of this type of product.

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